Service Spotlight: Email Marketing & Interactive Campaigns


Email marketing provides a chance to interact with your audience. Email campaigns allow you to message directly to current customers with specific offers and personalized messaging, delivering targeted information with immediate feedback.

Measurable and traceable campaign metrics are automatically saved to our web-based CRM marketing dashboard, allowing your team to track results and access customer information in real time from anywhere in the world. Our CRM dashboard allows our team to quickly edit, adjust and redeploy campaigns for maximum response.

Client Case:

Yellow Bluff Landing, a residential development considered to be one of the fastest growing communities in North Jacksonville, has propelled itself to the front of the lines by employing Email Marketing as one of its main strategic tactics in lead generation.

The tactics behind Yellow Bluff Landing have always been to identify the target market and tailor monthly e-campaigns to reach their audience. The BrightHatch team closely monitors the traffic in each campaign and strategizes accordingly to produce to the desired results.

This approach, combined with an outstanding product produced by Yellow Bluff Landing, has resulted in the sales of over 75 homes to date.